Crystal Meanings

Crystals and stones are energetic tools used to aid you in manifesting and achieving your goals. As the creative mastermind of your own reality, only YOU can set the intention behind your crystal, only YOU can put in the work in achieving your goals. The crystals energy is here to support you along the way and help direct you and amplify your goals. Remember, energy flows where intention goes, setting a clear intention is important in choosing a crystal that’s right for you. My favorite way of choosing crystals is following your intuition. Whatever crystal you are drawn to, you vibe with, or calls you, is usually the perfect one for you. Although, there is no scientific data that prove crystals have “magical powers”, there is proof that they have energy vibrating through them just like you and I.

There is about 4,000 different crystals and minerals in the world, here is a list of a few and their meanings. I've personally worked and researched some but most of these come from my friends over at Sacred Rock Stars. 


Abalone Shell 

Communication, Peace, Beauty

Intimately connected to the sea. Represents the tides of emotion and brings harmony in relationships. The play and variety of colors represent change as the beauty of existence. Excellent stone for inner peace and harmony, allowing one to see the beauty in all.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat Zodiac: Pisces, Aquarius, Cancer 

Agate (General) 

Stability, Balance, Clarity

Wonderfully protective, Agates are powerfully grounded, earthy healers. They assist greatly in physical & spiritual growth. Their layers help you to unlock new levels of awareness in meditation, as well as strengthen your physical body. All Agates tend to be very grounding and protective.

Chakras: Varies by Color Zodiac: Gemini 


Courage, Truth, Empowerment

The Stone of support. It promises to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Amazonite helps you focus on the truth. Allows you to speak up for your- self yet listen to what others have to say. Helps one to move beyond judg- ment or confrontation. Excellent blocker of EMFs & geopathic stress. A good luck stone for any financial venture.

Chakras: Throat, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Gemini and Virgo


Clearing, Healing, Protective

Amber can be used to ground spiritual energies into your physical body and fill it with light. It is helpful in dissolving energy blockages and relieving depression. It assists you in calming fears and exerts a positive influence on your endocrine and circulatory systems,

thyroid, heart and spleen.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Zodiac: Leo, Aquarius 


Protection, Purification, Spirituality

Amethyst will assist in overcoming any addiction! It calms and soothes your emotions. Amethyst is a stone of prosperity. It creates a protective energy field around its wearer, assists in transmuting negative energies within the wearer and gives protection from external negative energies. Amethyst relieves insomnia, brings peace and calm. Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn 


Inner Peace, Tranquility, Enlightenment

Ametrine is rare & unusual. It occurs in quartz when amethyst and citrine reside in the same crystal. It is very helpful in getting rid of depression. This leads to inner peace and tranquility. A very powerful money stone as well as an excellent tool to bring higher psychic awareness and spiritual enlightenment.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra 


Luck, Prosperity, Romance

Ammolite awakens your awareness of shifts in consciousness. It assists in the activation of physical and etheric DNA strands, awakening the ‘perfect’ human state within you. It converts negative energy into positive, healing vibrations, increases general health, instills stamina, relieves trauma and improves your mood. Ammolite brings abundance, luck and prosperity. It also attracts miracles into your life! 


Abundance, Success, Ancient Knowledge

Ammonite will assist with general good health, stamina and high energy. It may assist the release of karmic debris and harmful thought patterns, while helping to attain and enhance personal power within the Self. This fossil is also helpful in releasing depression and finding purpose. The spirals draw in negative dense energies move them through and release as fresh, positive, loving life force energies.

Chakras: Third Eye, Root Zodiac: Aquarius, Cancer 

Angel Aura

Passion, Transformation, Creativity

Angel Aura carries a very loving and sweet energy, stimulating the spirit and elevating one’s mood. It assists in remembering lessons from past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual purpose. It is an all healer, harmonizing one’s energy field with the physical body. Excellent for Reiki healing.

Primary Chakras: All Astrological signs: All 

Apache Tears

Protective Grounding, Helps w/ Grief

Apache Tears are friendly stones that may be used to ground your energy and protect you from negativity. They are strong stones for spiritual grounding and for psychic protection. They will raise your ability to recognize the approach of menacing situations, where you may be at risk. Like other types of Black Obsidian, they will absorb negative energy. This makes Apache Tears powerful tools to cleanse your auric field of negativity.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart Astrological sign: Scorpio 


Clarity, Spiritual Guidance, Self Expression

Apatite is a potent energy that encourages and helps achieve your desired outcome. Use it to balance your physical, mental and energetic bodies. It is a powerful tool for releasing food-based beliefs, dietetic problems and weight issues by re-balancing your metabolism, suppressing hunger and resetting your body’s normal function.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Zodiac: Gemini, Libra 


Spiritual Guidance, Stress Release, Meditation

Apophyllite stones are powerful and their resonance aids you to release negative energy, allowing you to be happier, calmer and more at peace. Excellent stone to infuse your auric field with high vibration light energy from the spiritual realms. Assists one in letting go of fear and stifled emotions. A powerful vibrational transmitter, a stone of truth that corrects imbalances and brings recognition of one's true self.

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Astrological sign: Libra, Pisces, Gemini 

Aqua Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura is used by crystal healers and others to calm the emotions and the emotional body. It is a powerful stress reliever. It is also a strong energy for reducing or eliminating anger.The crystal's healing energies will release old wounds and help your emotional healing.


Protective, Communication, Calming

The Stone of courage and Eternal Youth! It provides a shield for your aura and your subtle bodies. It helps to attune you to more spiritual levels of aware- ness and it provides emotional and intellectual stability while enhancing the connection with your Higher Self. It is especially protective during travel in, over and around bodies of water.

Chakras:Heart,Thymus,Throat,Third Eye Zodiac:Gemini,Pisces,Aries 

Aragonite Star Clusters

Emotional Healing, Balance, Grounding

Aragonite Clusters will help to fortify strength and confidence, while allowing one to be open to new visions. They aid in dispelling geopathic stress. Wearing or carrying will assist the healing and balancing of the emotional body. Excellent to help overcome stress, anxiety and anger. aid you to be more patient and to be more content about your life circumstances. Chakras: Earth and Root Astrological signs: All


Transformation,  Love, Karma

An excellent grounding, calming and protective stone. Astrophyllite will assist one to find your “true self and true path”, by activating your dreams. If worn, will help attract the necessary experiences you need in life. A stone of self-knowledge and self-acceptance, that is excellent for aiding in the releasing of unhealthy behavior patterns or bad habits.

Chakras: Higher Crown Zodiac: Scorpio 


Balance, Peace, Relaxation

Atlantisite promotes a more relaxed attitude to life, balancing mood swings, making us more aware of our emotions & promoting inner peace. It encour- age us to solve conflicts in a more peaceful way while helping us to establish our "boundaries". A comforting and gentle stone that protects from nega- tive energies

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Leo 

Auralite 23

Soul Healer,  Peace, Tranquility

Auralite 23 integrates our hearts awareness with a sense of self and re- minds us of the sacred nature of our own consciousness. Balances our physical body, removes chronic problems within our body reminding it of its proper vital functions by bringing forth regeneration and rejuvenation. Activates all 7 of our main chakras and also those above our head and below our feet. Excellent emotional spiritual healer.

Chakras: Cleanses and aligns ALL Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces


Prosperity, Friendship, Creativity

Aventurine grounds your emotional body and rebalances your heart’s de- sires. Very beneficial in all areas of creativity, and imagination, as well as intellect and mental clarity. It may also enhances & attract prosperity and success in careers. A very gentle stone energetically that gives a sense of calmness and balance while enhancing happiness.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Capricorn, Pisces 


Grounding, Strength, Endurance

Axinite aids in making positive changes in your life. Help one “go with the flow” . Excellent stones for meditation as they help you to release thoughts that are hampering your pro- gress. Great to boost business!

Chakras: Root Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Scorpio 

Azotic Topaz

Young, Fun, Rebellious

Confidence boosting, feels great to wear, helps you feel good about yourself. Asserts your individuality, helps you express your own unique thoughts and beliefs. Imparts well-being and good health. May enhance cellular memory, strengthen nerves and support oxygen assimilation.

Chakra: Sacral Zodiac: None


Focus, Harmony, Intuition

The ‘Stone of Heaven’ aids in developing psychic awareness, skills and abilities, enhances intuition. It is said to help control energy flow. Helpful for general healing, liver issues, arthritis, joint problems, depression, the sinuses and skin problems. It cuts through illusion, so you can use to release and transform old patterning & belief systems.

Chakras: 3rd Eye, Root, Throat Zodiac: Capricorn 

Black Tourmaline

Protection, Grounding, Calming

Black Tourmaline clears negative emotions and thoughts, opening you up to joy and honesty. Carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. It’s great for use in times of crisis or for periods of extreme stress. It helps you break through old patterns and fears, and cultivates inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience.

Primary Chakras: Root Astrological signs: Capricorn 


Detoxifying, Healing, Grounding

Bloodstone is an intense healer; the stone of courage. It helps you to be present in the moment and to revitalize love, relationships and friendships. Use to dispel bewilderment and obscure thought. Bloodstone works towards a healthy immune system by removing toxins and helping your body to absorb the nutrients it needs to create its peak condition.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart Zodiac: Aries, Libra 

Blue Aragonite

Emotional Healing, Patience, Acceptance

Aragonite uplifts your emotions and assists you in finding the source of any problems you may be encountering. Will help to fortify strength and confidence, while allowing one to be open to new things. They aid in dispelling geopathic stress. Excellent to help overcome stress, anxiety and anger. Balances Yin-Yang energies.

Chakras: Third Eye, Throat, Heart Astrological signs: Capricorn 

Blue Goldstone

Protection, Uplifting, Drive

Goldstone is manmade – a combination of different colors of glass infused with Copper flecks. An effective way to use Copper without having to deal with its ability to tarnish. It can be used to find courage and strength, and as an enhancer of other crystalline energies. Goldstone comes in many color be used with corresponding chakras.

Chakras: Throat, Crown, 3rd Eye Astrological signs: Sagittarius 

Blue Calcite

Communication, Calming, Divine Guidance

Blue Calcite calms anger and raw emotions. Helps one to voice feelings through speaking, writing and music. Excellent for communicating in general but also with our angels and guides. This calcite helps in business by getting things done and keeping you on task.

Chakras:Throat Zodiac:Aquarius,Pisces 

Blue Lace Agate

Communication, Stabilizing, Calming

Blue Lace Agate is a gentle, calming stone that brings you grace and tranquility! It lessens all anger (even deep anger issues) and calms nerv- ousness. It assists in releasing the fear of death and oppressive bur- dens. It brings peace, inspiration and it enhances clear self-expression, while helping to access the highest energetic realms.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Zodiac: Gemini, Pisces 

Blue Quartz

Connection, Clarity, Communication

This quartz’ energy can enhance one's intuition and communication, calm one's nerves, and energize one's mental abilities. It is also said to help one's inner beauty to shine, and to attract wealth and success. It will bring calm to the aura, allowing for a flowing peaceful energy.

Primary Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Astrological signs: Gemini 

Blue Tiger Eye

Protection, Confidence, Balance

Blue Tiger Eye (also called Hawk’s Eye) is a very soothing stone. It aids in reducing stress and easing anxiety. It can illuminate issues that may have been difficult to see otherwise. Blue Tiger Eye helps to open, clear and align the mid to higher range chakras, which will assist in speaking with clarity and acting from a place of integrity. Chakras:ThirdEye,Throat Zodiac:Leo,Capricorn 

Blue Topaz

Repels Negativity, Emotional Support, Expression Blue Topaz opens you up to cosmic understanding, helping you to transcend limitations. It is emotionally balancing, soothing and peaceful. It brings tranquility, creativity, self-expression and enhance psychic perception.

Chakras:Thymus,Throat,ThirdEye Zodiac:Sagittarius,Virgo 

Boulder Opal

Progress, Purity, Stimulating

Boulder Opal assists in emotional and mental balance, calms the inner soul. Facilitates actualization. Excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development. Helps one connect the conscious and subcon- scious, providing for a clearing understanding of oneself.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye Zodiac: Virgo Sagittarius 

Brecciated Jasper (Jasper with hematite)

Awareness, Intuition, Healing

Its strong, grounding energies are remarkable for attaining emotional stability, and bouncing back after dealing with a conflict or crisis. It increases vitality and rejuvenation, and promotes self-confidence and creative inspiration.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 


“Stone of courtesy” especially helpful to people who greet and assist the public. It will even instil a polite nature in those around you. Emotionally, Bronzite promotes a loving and unprejudiced discernment within us. It provides the ability to resolve unsettled emotions in our life.


Calcite is helpful for anyone in need of clarity, & those who are learning about Law of Attraction & manifestation. Like Clear Quartz, it can amplify intent & be programmed for a specific purpose. Excellent to help see past errors & ways to correct them for benefit in the future. By clearing away stagnant energy blockages, it can bring higher energies into the chakras, encouraging spiritual development.

Chakras: Crown Zodiac: Leo 


Balance, Happiness, Protection

Carborundum balances the chakras, and is calming and gently grounding. It shields and protects, particularly in cases of electromagnetic stress. Carborun- dum allows for inner expansion in an orderly and organized manner, as if each individual cell has been allocated the same amount of space around it. In spite of the dark coloration of the stone, its general mood is light and happy.

Chakras: ALL Zodiac: ALL


Creativity, Physical Vitality, Grounding

Carnelian opens your heart and connects you to your inner self. It stimulates the libido, grounds and balances your Base Chakra, gives you cour- age and is a powerful physical healer. Its energy is warm, joyous, invigorating, uplifting and open! It increases perceptiveness and inspiration. Use it to dispel sorrow, and to protect from envy, fear and rage.

Chakras:Sacral Astrological Signs: Cancer,Leo 


Inspiration, Intuition, Self-Reflection

Cavansite can stimulate your intuition greatly. Emotionally, it helps get rid of negative thoughts, beliefs, and inspires new ideas. It helps you to see what part of life needs your attention. A true ‘walk your talk’ stone! It helps the wearer to relax. Physically it is helpful for sore throats, general healing, and diseases.

Chakras: Throat, Thymus, Third Eye Astrological signs: Aquarius 


Calm, Communication, Service

Chalcedony has a gentle, floating energy. Use it to foster calm and peace, and to reduce hostility, anger and irritation. It soothes and creates mental & emotional stability, and can also help to provide emotional honesty. It also helps reduce or eliminate bad dreams by getting rid of the influences that cause them. Chalcedony has been used for eye problems.

Chakras: Throat, 3rd Eye Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius 


Transformation, Insight, Spirituality

Charoite assists you in heralding a new and vibrant life. It brings focused clarity and awareness of what you create, giving you a more profound acceptance of your role as Co-Creator. It helps you step out of the old, fear based existence of emotions, thoughts and patterns, and lights the way to your unlimited self. Wear to manifest your dreams into reality! Chakras:ThirdEye,Crown 

Astrological signs:Virgo,Scorpio 

Cherry Quartz

Self Esteem, Love, Joy

Cherry Quartz is glass & a man made stone that carries all the properties of Pink in color therapy. This stone is a healer for emotional wounds and can help with anger and tension. Allows one to be pen to compassion and love for oneself. Brings an abundance of joy to it’s owner.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Sagittarius, Aries 

Chevron Amethyst

Enhances Psychic Abilities. Shamanic Journeying Chevron Amethyst are excellent for general protection as well as enhancing problem solving. The patterns in the stone help us see the patterns of our journey. A perfect compliment to enhance inner intui- tive visions. Will help dissipate and repel negative energies. Creates a strong healing field around your aura.

Chakras: Crown, 3rd Eye Zodiac: All 


Removes Negativity, Balanc, Communication

Use Chlorite to assist with your inner balance, health and well- being. Helps with anger, hostility & fear by gently removing the negative energy. Chlorite will help to cleanse the aura, chakras & energy meridians. With its direct connection to Mother Earth a wonderful aid to connect to the nature realm.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Sagittarius 


Auric Cleanser, Support, Soothes and Calms

Chrysocolla helps to ease emotional heartache and increases one’s capacity to love. It provides great inner strength, helping to sustain you during stressful situations. Promotes harmony by releasing stress from negative emotions. Chrysocolla purifies your home and environment, and can work to eliminate negativity from a person as well.

Chakras:Heart,Throat,Thymus Zodiac:Gemini,Virgo,Taurus 


Accepting, Tranquilizing, Confidence

Opens one to love, compassion and kindness. Emits steady serene flow of light. Soothes emotions, used to absorb or deflect unwanted energies. Increases self esteem, self confidence & courage. Use when emotionally overwhelmed for balance.

Primary Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Pisces


Abundance, Emotional Balance, Chakra Cleanser

Citrine is solidified sunshine! It brings clarity, positivity and joyous transformation. Keep a piece of Citrine in your wallet to bring a constant flow of money into it! Physically, it is good for stomach trouble, digestion, the thyroid and for the circulatory system.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown, Cleanses ALL Astrological signs: Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo 

Clear Quartz

Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

Clear Quartz Crystals can be used to clear and activate the energy centers. It heals negativity associated with your perspectives and judgments and stimulates positive thoughts. A single Clear Quartz crystal, carried with you or placed in your environment will help maintain balance, energy and protection. Whether carried or placed somewhere, the force of the crystal stays attuned and connected to you.

Chakras: All Astrological signs: All 

Cobalto Calcite Druzy

Universal Love, Compassion, Healing

CCD allows integration of positive energy within all levels of the Chakra system. Bringing tolerance, forgiveness & the complete expression of Universal love & self-love. It relieves all stress, tension and anxiety. Cobalto Calcite’s energy can just melt and dissolve your re- sistance to loving yourself enough to honor your body as the temple of your soul.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Taurus, Libra, Cancer

Cobra Jasper / Arabic Stone

Ancestral, Grounding, Fertility

A stone for enhancing visions. Excellent to use for shamanic, spirit animal, nature and ancestral work. Perfect to help heal a broken heart, while grounding you emotionally. Supports fertility, pregnancy and the birthing process. Connects to animals and nature.

Chakras:Root,SolarPlexus Zodiac:Scorpio 


Grounding, Balance, Energy Amplifier

Copper increases your mental agility and focus! It is an excellent conduit for all energies, subtly enhancing the properties of crystals and aligning your own energy field. It improves all cycles, including circulation of blood, in- creasing energy and detoxifying your body.

Primary Chakras: Root, Sacral Zodiac: Taurus, Sagittarius 

Crazy Lace Agate

Laughter Stone, Joy, Patterns of Life

A stone of support & encouragement, elevating thoughts & promoting optimism. Creates a circular flow of energy, stimulating for the mind & attitude. Excellent for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy. Crazy Lace Agate is often used as a personal talisman to bring the power of the Moon to one's life and endeavors.

Chakras: Varies by Color Zodiac: Gemini 

Dalmation Jasper

Awareness, Intuition, Healing

Dalmation Jasper is a protective and healing stone, fortifying the spirit and encouraging a sense of playfulness. It counters disillusionment, cynicism and skepticism, strengthens family bonds and long-term friendships, and has a calming influence for children and animals

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 

Dendritic Agate

Abundance, Success, Changes

Dendritic Agate the “Stone of Plentitude”, brings abundance & success to all areas of life, from business to agricultural. It is ideal for examination of self, and selfimposed limitations. It is a helpful talisman for anyone involved in therapy, meditation, or any path of serious work that requires a day-to-day behavioral change necessary to achieve desired results.

Chakras: Root, Heart, Crown Zodiac: Gemini 

Dendritic Opal

Luck, Harmony, Creativity

Dendritic Opals promote balance for the masculine and feminine energy within yourself. They encourage a more restful sleep and aid you to master yourself yet still remain objective. Highly positive stones to enhance your creativity and boost your organizational abilities.

Chakra: Sacral, 3rd Eye Zodiac: Libra 

Desert Rose {Selenite Gypsum}

Clarity, Higher Guidance, Intuition

A stone of the Mind and an Angel Stone. It promotes intuitive perception, mental ability & clarity. It calms the worries of the mind from distractions & disrup- tions. Clarifies thinking and perception. Can be used to relieve stress and en- hance will power. Helps one to dissolve programs we have put upon ourselves. Excellent for strength in meditation & affirmations.

Primary Chakras: 3rd Eye Astrological signs: Scorpio 

Dragon Stone

Personal Power, Release, Patience

Dragon Stone is thought to promote patience and stimulate perception and personal power. It is believed to "dissolve" sadness or sorrow, self-pity, grief, and is thought to dispel critical tendencies and closed-mindedness. d outcomes. It will do this to the positive or the negative that you attune to the stone. Stimulates immune system. Excellent for stress and trauma.

Chakras:Root Zodiac: ALL 


Druzy gems calm and soothe a tensed mind making it stress free. These stones have the ability to draw out the negativity inside there by filling one with positive energies. The gem is believed to be stabilizing to the aura. It helps in clear, pragmatic and creative thinking. Druzy also works on imbal- ances in the wearer’s body, keeping you fit, & fine.

Chakras: All Zodiac: All


Prosperity, Hope, Healing

Emerald balances emotional turmoil. It brings you prosperity, tranquility, compassion and balance. It protects against temptation and seduction. Emerald is the stone of physical immortality & rejuvenation, the fountain of youth that keeps youthfulness! It’s a wonderful gem to give and receive love.

Chakras: Heart Astrological signs: Taurus, Gemini, Aries 


Awareness, Optimism, Attraction

Epidote will bring you more of what you emanate. This stone aids in releasing negativity while raising one's vibrational energy. Beneficial if stuck in states of depression, hopelessness or nega- tive thinking patterns. An excellent compliment for perception & awareness.

Chakras: 3rd Eye Zodiac: Gemini 

Ethiopian Opal

Prosperity, Communication, Grounding

Ethiopian Opals can help one acknowledge & release deeply held negative emotional patterns. Its energy amplifies emotional energies so that one can become more emotionally balanced. The internal "fire" brings "Light" energy into all of one's chakra & energy fields. Wearing brings Joy into you energy field.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye Zodiac: Virgo Sagittarius 


Love, Harmony, Insight

Eudialyte is an excellent stone to encourage acceptance, helps you trust yourself and others while still expressing love. A powerful and rare stone that brings harmony and balance to the heart. Believed to dispel jealousy and awaken ones heart or mind whenever your soul mate reunite. Revitalizes personal power!

Chakras: Root, Heart Zodiac: None

Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper is a steady wholesome healer, resonating with all the chakras to bring balance to the physical body, and focus to the mind and intellect. It tempers procrastination and helps organize an overactive mind into more linear thought. An inspiring stone to work through issues of the present. It is also ideal for rejuvenating one’s creative power and refining mental processes.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 

Fire Agate

Inspiration, Action, Protection

Fire Agate helps manifest Divine guidance through action. It increases passion, emotions, & reconnection to one's deepest desires while offering courage to take risks to fulfill those goals. Also known as the stone of creativity & expression

Chakras: Root, 3rd Eye Zodiac: Aries 

Fire Opal

Intuition, Personal Power, Removes Fear

Fire opal helps relieve energy deficiencies; stimulates sexual organs and the adrenal glands It brings out spontaneous action, initiates new ideas and stimulates enthusiasm. Fire Opals act as magnets to draw in money or customers to a business.

Chakras: Varies by Color Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces


Healing, Protective, Cleansing

Fluorite is wonderful for mental clarity, to increase life force to your brain by balancing the hemispheres. It increases your ability to concentrate, balancing the positive and negative relationships of your mind. It helps you to see both reality and the truth behind illusion. Fluorite is great for protection against disease.

Chakras: Varies by Color Astrological signs: Pisces, Capricorn 


Love, Loyalty, Commitment

Garnet is a stone of health. It enhances your internal fire, bringing your creative powers to the stage of implementation. It is a traditional stone of commitment. The loving powers of Garnet tend to reflect the attributes of devotion.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Heart Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius 


Geodes are often used for protection or spiritual aid and growth. They inherently amplifies and protect good energy. Overall, the stone purifies and amplifies the body's natural healing properties and strengthens the spirit. It is also believed to provide the balance necessary to avoid depression or unnatural feelings of fear or dread.

Chakras: All Zodiac: All 

Golden Quartz

Success, Confidence, Happiness

Golden Quartz the stone of success. It helps increase self confidence, creativity and bring success in business & entrepreneurship. It works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. In meditation, it filters out distractions and keeps you focused.

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus Astrological signs: Leo, Scorpio 

Green Calcite

Abundance, Calming, Grounding

Green calcite can assist in dissolving old rigid belief systems, restoring balance to the mind. It increases success, prosperity, business, and fertility of all kinds. It is an excellent stone for gardening. Considered a stone of manifestation as it develops increase in all areas of life.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac

Green Goldstone

Deflector, Physical Healing, Abundance

Goldstone is manmade – a combination of different colors of glass infused with Copper flecks. An effective way to use Copper without having to deal with its ability to tarnish. It can be used to find courage and strength, and as an enhancer of other crystalline energies. Goldstone comes in many color be used with corresponding chakras.

Chakras: Throat, Crown, 3rd Eye Astrological signs: Sagittarius 

Green Opal

Cleansing, Rejuvenating

Brings energy & helps one conquer illness & exhaustion. Green Opals have the ability to filter information and reorient the mind, giving meaning to everyday life and bringing a spiritual perspective. Will activate the Heart Chakra allowing the energy of family, health, prosperity and abundance to develop and flow.

Chakras:Heart,Root Zodiac:VirgoSagittarius

Green Obsidian

Release, Freedom, Grounding

Green Obsidian is an “ego-buster” revealing the truth about ourselves. It acti- vates positive change where the level of honesty with self leads to true self love. This form of obsidian is can dispel negative energy having a shielding effect on the physical and emotional body.

Chakras: Heart, Throat Zodiac: Gemini 


Grounding, Balancing, Detoxifying

Hematite releases preconditioned patterns and helps you to open up to seeing other points of view. It brings you relief and peace from stress, giving you revitalizing energy. It enhances your personal magnetism and optimism and assists you in grounding. If you need your personal relationship to be better, carry a hematite with you always.

Chakras:Root Astrologicalsigns:Aries,Aquarius 

Herkimer Diamond

Peaceful, Release, Attunement

The most powerful of all Quartz crystals. They help you to simply be, enhancing spontaneity while bringing the wearer clarity, truth and inner wisdom. This Stone of Attunement amplifies all other crystals. Excep- tionally strong for clearing EMFs, radioactivity, and geopathic stress. Herkimer Diamonds energizes enliven and promote creativity.

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Aries, Sagittarius 

Himalayan Salt 

Nature’s Healing Happiness

These miracles of nature help with so many aspects of our lives. Genuine Himalayan salt products can help with breathing, sinus problems, allergies, fatigue, sleep and emotional issues. Himalayan salt products actually cleanse the air, mush like an ionizer. They are natural ion generators, emitting negative ions into the atmosphere. Aperfect compliment to any home, office or personal space. 

Howlite (White or Blue)

Communication, Peace, Memory

Howlite allows good reasoning ability, keen observation and makes our ambitions happen and enhances creativity. It helps with road rage and high- way annoyances by placing a piece in front and rear windows. Howlite is excellent for insomnia and good for memory.

Chakras: All Zodiac: None 



Abundance, Balance, Protection

Jade is used to attract love. Jade can be used to bring money into your life. Create a positive attitude towards money then visualize yourself using money creatively and productively while holding the stone in your power hand. Jade strengthens your mental faculties and assists in clear reasoning. Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune.

Chakras:Heart Zodiac:Pisces 


Protection, Grounding, Cleansing

Jet works like an energetic filter. It is a wonderful grounding stone that has intense purification & protection properties. Known for clearing the aura of impure energies when worn. Not only does it draw off negative vibrations, but allows the victim of these vibes to understand their original purpose and lessons to be learned.

Chakras: Root, Sacral Chakra Zodiac: Capricorn

Kambaba Jasper

Awareness, Intuition, Healing

Kambaba Jasper contains the earliest records of life on Earth, fossilized algae and other primeval microorganisms, and is a marvelous stone for bringing peace and tranquility to troubled minds. It strengthens those whose hearts have been deeply hurt, and provides grounding and protection.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio

Kunzite (Pink)

Unconditional Love, Clearing, Divine Love

Pink Kunzite connects you to the higher frequencies of love by opening your heart and acting as the doorway through which all wisdom and creativity is expressed and experienced. It is a catalyst, facilitating your ability to stand strong in your own power and energy, giving you strength & confidence. It provides a sanctuary, dissipating negativity and attracting love energies. It helps heal broken hearts, relieves stress and anger.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio 

Kyanite Black

Communication, Meditation, Balance

Black Kyanite helps to open the lines of communication between people. Wearing or keeping a piece with you can help in situations of conflict or misunderstanding. It clears blocked energy in all chakras while correcting imbalances. Meditating with this stone helps one to explore past lives, and to anticipate how current actions affect future lives.

Chakras: All Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra 

Kyanite (Blue)

Communication, Meditation, Balance

Kyanite never needs cleaning or cleansing. The energy of Kyanite is unlim- ited in application, making it one of the very best attunement stones. It brings you tranquility and a calming effect to your whole being. Kyanite balances the yin/yang energies. It also assists in opening your Third Eye for clear vision.

Chakras: Third Eye, Aligns All Zodiac: Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Libra 

Kyanite Green

Compassion, Tranquility, Communication

Green Kyanite brings tranquility & calming to your whole being. It aids in removing emotional confusion. Opens and clears the Heart Chakra, connects the emotional body to the etheric body. Enables you to process feelings & release sorrow, anger & grief. Encourages compas- sion for suffering and oneness of all life. Increases the ability to love again after loss.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Libra 


Strength, Transformation, Intuition

The ‘Temple of the Stars.’ It can help you to traverse changes, attracting strength, perseverance and provide clarity to psychic sight. Offering one patience and a sense of perfect timing. Labradorite is a stone of transfor- mation. It clears balances and protects your aura, reduces stress and at- tracts success. It helps provide clarity and insight into your destiny.

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo 

Lapis Lazuli

Communication, Intuition, Inner Power

Lapis Lazuli brings you peace. It’s an excellent stone for inspiring creative expression. It brings truthfulness, openness, inner power, intuition, virility, and manifestation. It strengthens your mind and body as well as increasing awareness and quickening spiritual evolution. It can help you organize your daily life and build self-confidence. Lapis Lazuli is also known for enhancing love and fidelity within marriage.

Chakras: Throat, 3rd Eye, Crown Astrological signs: Sagittarius 


High Vibration, Communication, Nurturing

Larimar supports you through the constant changes of life. It is associated with the heavens, the seas and the Earth. It combines your mind and thoughts with your heart and emotions, gathering them into a harmonious whole. Larimar helps you to view events from a different, more positive perspective. It softens, enlightens and supports the healing process of your physical, emotional-mental and spiritual bodies.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Crown Astrological signs: Leo, Pisces 

Lava Rock

Grounding, Power, Protection

Lava Rock helps one to ground scattered energy, find focus and bring balance. It has the nurturing power of Mother Earth. Known as the stone of “Strength and Fertility” Helps provide stability in times of change. A powerful stone for all Fire signs. Useful for those who need passion and power during times of intimidation or indecisiveness .

Chakras: Root, Sacral Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Unconditional Love, Universal Life

Force Lemurians hold and transmit messages of unconditional love, equality, and spiritual teachings. A very powerful tool for meditation, dream work and for healing on all levels. They are excellent for clearing and balancing all chakras.

Chakras: All Astrological signs: All

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper reflects the duality between dark and light. This is a shamanic stone, helpful in journeying and getting in touch with one’s spirit animal. It also strengthens the sense of self, attracting the right energies into one’s life to heal and move beyond past traumas, while being guided to new opportunities.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 


Peace Stone, Luck, Calming

Lepidolite is not a gemstone but a form of Mica. It is the perfect compliment to encourage independence and assist in attaining one’s goals. Used to attract luck and prosperity in all endeavors. An excellent energy source to promote sleep and reduce stress. Known as the stone of transformation.

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown Zodiac


Intuition, Awareness, Connection

Iolite helps one to stay in the moment and bring harmony to the experience. Iolite helps eliminate and release disharmony in relationships. It helps you to foresee which choices produce the most success and abundance. Iolite is known as the stone of debt elimination. It facilitates financial responsibility and fosters good management of resources.

Chakras: 3rd Eye, Crown Astrological signs: Libra, Sagittarius


Amplifies, Protects, Healing

Malachite is a stone of transformation. It helps balance pure love, romance, and your own well-being. It is a stone of material stability, bringing luck, prosperity and abundance. It is a very protective stone, especially helpful for general physical protection, protection from evil, protection during pregnancy/childbirth, and protection for children. Malachite is also good for enhancing emotional stability.

Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio 


Ascension, Evolution, Communication

Meteorites provide information from other worlds for the greater good. They are regarded by many cultures as sacred gifts from God or the Universe and are well known in metaphysical circles for their vibrant other-worldly energies. Meteorites assist you in spiritual growth, enhance psychic abilities, and are often used to connect with beings from other realms.

Chakras: All Astrological signs: All 

Mexican Fire Opal

Centering, Patience, Ancient Wisdom

Mexican Fire Opals are treasures which appeal most of all to active people with a positive approach to life. Their warm, fiery color gives us vigor, fills us with the joys of life and opens our senses to the beauty of Nature. It helps to make feelings flow and resolve blockages.

Chakras: Sacral Zodiac: Aries, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius 


Cosmic Connection, Acceleration, High Vibration

Moldavite assists in trusting yourself, giving you confidence and strength of purpose in life. It helps transform energy that has bogged you down in limi- tations and denial. It brings good fortune and fertility, and it can influence other crystals by bringing them to their highest vibration. Moldavite brings communication with your higher self.

Primary Chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown 

Mookaite (Jasper)

Awareness, Intuition, Healing

Mookaite is a grounding stone that assists with self-esteem. It helps with mov- ing forward in your life, dealing with fear and depression. The stone encourages the wearer to be more social and increase new circumstances, soothing erratic behavior and promoting calmness. A great companion for those who are lonely. It brings excitement and happiness for work situations.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 

Black Moonstone

Wisdom, Energy Work, Protection

Black moonstones can be used to help clumsy/accident prone individuals. It will attract a gradual increase in your finances and allow you to feel more financially secure. An excellent stone to help improve concentration as well as increase stamina. Black moonstone will help improve concentration, particularly in chaotic workplaces.

Chakras: Root Zodiac: Aquarius 

Peach or Natural Moonstone

Wisdom, Energy Work, Protection

Natural Moonstone is very soothing and a natural stress reducer. Highly protective when worn during travel. Connects us to Divine Inspiration. This stone encourages introspection and judgment, allowing for easier decision making. Known to enhance emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities & freedom of expression.

Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio 

Rainbow Moonstone

Intuition, Inspiration, Goddess Energy

Brings calm through awareness. Provides energy to sustain you through stages of growth. Wearing it provides protection while travelling and as a bringer of good fortune. It eliminates all lies, presenting you with only truth. It softens and enhances your capability for giving and receiving, and supports your emotional life. Moonstone is nurturing and harmonious.

Chakras: Sacral, Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio 


Healing, Compassion, Divine Love

Morganite attracts the abundance of love into one’s life. It cleans- es the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas. Wear to evoke a sense of peace, joy and inner strength. It encourages confidence and personal power.

Chakra: Heart Zodiac: Libra 

Moss Agate

Growth, Nurturing, New Beginnings

Moss Agate provides strength in all endeavors. It increases self-esteem, helps balance your emotions while strengthening your positive personal traits. It allows everything you to see everything as beauty. An excellent stone for working with herbs, plants, growing new crops and maintaining gardens. Moss Agate brings you abundance and wealth in all forms.

Chakras: Heart, Crown Astrological signs: Virgo 

Nephrite Jade (Actinolite)

Balance, Fidelity,  Relationship Healing

The "stone of fidelity", wonderful for working with the Heart Chakra, balancing male and female (Yin/Yang) energy, while helping dysfunctional relationships. Increases one’s enjoyment in life. A revitalizing stone to help when healing physical and emotional.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Libra 


Sorcerer’s Stone, Karma, Respect

A stone of tremendous grounding and fiercely protective of it’s owner. Used to bring stability to one’s environment. Excellent for reducing tension, stress and allows for a deep sleep. Nuummite is a stone of empower- ment allowing one to see past facades. Assists to release trapped energies & severe emotional constraints. Teaches honor and respect of self and of others.

Chakras: Opens and Integrates ALL Zodiac: Sagittarius 


Protection, Grounding, Removes Negativity

Obsidian is an excellent manifestation stone. Wearing will assists in dispersing negativity around the physical, mental, emotional, and spirit bodies. It sharpens and focuses internal and external vision. Helps one get in touch with buried issues.

Primary Chakras: Root Zodiac: Sagittarius, Scorpio

Obsidian Arrowhead 

A symbol of self-control and resilience, the Obsidian Arrowhead was used in battle thousands of years ago to aid healing. It is said to help relieve pain and prevent negative energies from reaching you. Bring an Obsidian Arrowhead into your home, and allow it to inspire peace and block toxic arguments

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper carries a gentle nurturing energy that, when used regu- larly, assists in developing self-love and empathy for others. Its orbicular pattern facilitates circular breathing and enhances meditation. Ocean Jasper may be used to connect to Atlantis and unlock the mystic knowledge held within the stone.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 

Onyx, Black

Protection, Encouragement, Strength

Onyx is known to separate. It helps release negative emotions such as sorrow, grief and worry. It is used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships. Onyx guards against negativity. Fortifies self-confidence and responsibility, sharpens your senses and encourages a healthy egotism.

Primary Chakras: Root Astrological signs: Leo, Capricorn


Transition, Encouragement, Peace

The ‘Stone of Eternity’ brings forth the understanding of the true-self & true spirit. It is ideal for meditation. Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. Brings a knowing that one can soar higher than expected, can reach unimaginable goals and join as one with the ultimate all.

Chakras:ThirdEyeZodiac:All *Manmadestone* 

Orange Calcite

Creativity, Sexuality, Confidence

Encourages the flow of sexual and creative energy by bringing vitality and inspiration. Dissolves problems that are hindering achieving your best potential, by removing fear and overcoming depression. An energizing & cleansing stone that balances emotions.

Chakras: Sacral Zodiac: Leo 


Orthoceras are the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal. Fossils are believed to increase life span, reduce toxins, anxiety, stress, balance the emotions. They promote a sense of pride and success in business. They also aid in reducing tiredness and fatigue

Chakras: None Zodiac: None 

Peacock Ore/Chalcopyrite

Happiness, Joy, Creativity

This stone of happiness and joy will help you tune into positive forces in life and channel that energy to others. It brings you the ability to see and accept the joy in any moment. It removes negative energy and replaces it with a strong, beneficial, positive energy. It has the ability to align every chakra when applied to a given chakra.

Primary Chakras: All Astrological signs: Leo 


Pearls attune you to the ebb and flow of life. They are calming and centering, attract purity and promote faith, charity, and integrity, truth and loyalty. They help you to connect with Feminine energy. They enhance your personal integrity and help to provide a focus for your attention. It’s great for receiving spiritual guidance and attaining wisdom. A stone of sincerity, Pearls provides truth in all situations and loyalty to a cause. 


Healing, Protective, Comforting

Peridot is a stone of compassion. It’s friendly energy is excellent for healing while bringing abundance and prosperity. It enhances healing and harmony in relationships of all kinds, but particularly marriage. Peridot can lessen stress in relationships, anger and jealousy, slow the aging process, and heal ulcers as well as digestive disorders.

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 


Spiritual Realm, Protective Talisman, Manifestation

A high vibration stone with balancing energy. Helps one in the development of clairaudience. Excellent for relieving stress and anxiety. Brings clarity to your thoughts. A stone of manifestation that will bring into your life visions of your true authentic journey and life’s purpose.

Chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 

Petrified Wood

Past Life Embrace, Grounding

Brings wonderful healing energies to physical & emotional issues. Teaches patience and helps understand how to allow life to evolve in perfection. The energy of this stone is deeply strengthening, grounding & stabilizing, allowing for the removal of stress, worry and anxiety.

Chakras: Root, Sacral Chakra Zodiac: Leo, Virgo 

Picasso Jasper

The patterns of picasso jasper make it an excellent meditation stone. Use it to dissolve creative blocks, to find the right path when undergoing a change in relationships, renew lost friendships. Hold or meditate with Picasso Jasper for stability during times of change or transformation.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 

Picture Jasper

Awareness, Intuition, Healing

Picture Jasper is marvelous for inner journeying to sacred sites and for connecting with Earth’s consciousness. An excellent stone for crea- tive vision, initiative and boosting confidence. Wear for long periods of time to bring hidden thoughts, grief, fears, and hopes to the surface for examination. Perfect to enhance success for Business and goal setting.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 


Intuition, Removes Emotional Blockages, Spiritual Growth

Pietersite dispels illusion, assisting one to recognize the beauty of the soul. It helps one to support courage, tenacity and dauntless effort to create and maintain beauty on this planet. Pietersite helps relax and release limits you place on your creativity by recognizing your potential. It calms emotional outbursts and upheavals hence its name of Tempest Stone It helps heal your physical body as it releases emotional restrictions

Chakras:SolarPlexus,Throat,ThirdEye,Crown Astrologicalsigns:Leo 

Pink Opal

Joy, Renewal, Insight

Pink Opal is a stone of peace and tranquility for the aura. It is especially noted for its energies in healing emotions. Sleeping with or wearing pink opal helps to bring compassion and a gentle resolution of painful memories. Pink Opal brings peace and harmony within.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Scorpio 

Pink Tourmaline

Love, Inspiration, Supportive

Pink Tourmaline is great for self-love, compassion, promoting feeling of joy, and enthusiasm as you release your old hurts. It helps you to trust in the power of love! It provides support to those working with it, creating balance in emotional and intellectual states and strength in adverse conditions. Pink Tourmaline allows you to embrace your inner strength, self-confidence, and balance.

Chakras: Heart, Root Zodiac: Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio 

Prasiolite (green amethyst)

Heart Healing, Self-Worth/Confidence, Connection to Divine Prasiolite clears negativity, fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honor. It Ignites love and compassion in one's heart and heals by closing the gap be- tween the physical & spiritual. It attracts prosperity, strengthens the emotions, the mind and one’s will. Protects the wearer from intoxication and brings good fortune and luck.

Chakras: Heart Astrological signs: Capricorn, Scorpio 


Unconditional Love, Knowledge, Strength

Prehnite brings unconditional love to all areas of our life. It provides us with peace of mind, well being, absorbs & releases anger, hurt & other undesira- ble energies. It eases depression, despair, stress, teaches us compromise, removes jealousy, prejudice, anger, hostility and abrasiveness. It fosters a belief of Abundance and Power.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Libra, Virgo 

Pyrite (Healer’s Stone/Fools Gold)

Prosperity, Protection, Deflects Negativity

Pyrite brings you a positive outlook and releases murk that has been held in your emotional body at your Solar Plexus. It strengthens your will and brings harmony with yourself and others. It protects the wearer from harmful EMFs. Pyrite enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. Pyrite is a powerful protection stone, and is very grounding.

Chakras: All Astrological signs: Leo 


Amplify, Energy Focus, Guidance

The pyramid represents the sense of harmony & unity within ourselves & with the environment to which we aspire. Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. A crystal pyramid is used to draw off negative energy & blockages from Chakra centers. A gemstone pyramid will enhance & focus the inherent properties of the crystal.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine is stone of manifestation through action. It re-vitalizes the physical body & focuses its energy to get things done. It boosts vitality & mental alertness; amplifies the desire to take on life’s challeng- es with determination & perseverance. It inspires creativity and sexuali- ty, and renews excitement and confidence to bring goals and desires into reality.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Zodiac: Aries 

Red Goldstone

Protection, Vitality, Energy

Red Goldstone is a manmade synthetic stone. It can be used as a physical stimulator & to renew strength. It is a good deflector of unwanted energies, and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral. Red Goldstone is said to be the stone of Confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and drive.

Chakras: Root, Heart, Crown Zodiac: Gemini 

Red Jasper

Emotional Healing ~ Spiritual Grounding ~ Sexuality

Red Jasper gives insight into personal difficulties & gives you a strong sense of stability. It stimulates increased energy, strength & stamina. Wearing is helpful for scattered energy to become centered & balanced. Carry a piece to soothe upset feelings.

Primary Chakra: Root Zodiac: Scorpio Sagittarius 

Red Tiger Eye

Protection, Confidence, Balance

Red Tiger Eye aids in enhancing confidence and self-esteem. It provides motivation to the non-motivated and energizes those who are feeling lethargic. A stimulating stone that can support motivation & a more active sex drive. Use with the Root Chakra to resolve sexual issues that are causing problems in a relationship.

Chakras: RootChakra Zodiac: Leo,Capricorn 


Compassion, Deep Love, Comfort

Rhodochrosite is perfect for balancing your emotions. It promotes acceptance of your past, assists you in loving yourself, and helping you release your need to blame yourself for everything. It invokes courage, will and passion. Rhodochrosite is a powerful emotional healer, radiating a very strong energy of Divine love, and brings calm acceptance for all traumas. It also helps to prevent sickness.

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus, Heart Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio 


Love of Self/Others, Vitality, Support

Rhodonite is a stone of grace and elegance. It decreases anxiety levels while increasing your attention to detail. The pinks enhance passionate love, while the shiny black grounds your energy. Rhodonite is perfect for maintaining your center and personal power, giving you the strength to stay true to your heart and ideals. It has been known to help with emphysema, joint inflammation, light sensitivity, strep throat and heart disorders. Chakras:Heart,Root Astrologicalsigns:Taurus 


Creativity, Balance, Healing

Rhyolite helps with communication of all kinds. Allows one to listen easily without distorting the message being heard. A wonderful companion in meditation. Perfect for resolutions and perseverance. Balances Yin and Yang energies.

Primary Chakra: Heart Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius 

Rose Quartz

All Types of Love, Compassion, Self Esteem

The elevated energy in Rose Quartz allows it to enhance love in virtually any situation, bringing gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance. It is soothing, calming and reduces stress and tension. It helps to clear anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy. Primary

Chakra: Heart Astrological signs: Taurus, Libra 


Abundance, Love, Passion

Ruby opens your heart past the boundaries of personal love and passion to unconditional love. It increases romantic love. It assists you in removing lethargic, dormant energies in your physical body, emotions and mind. Ruby brings integrity, devotion and happiness. It also enhances generosity and brings prosperity. It protects your home, material possessions, children and anything you feel a deep attachment to.

Chakras: Heart, Root Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Ruby in Fuchsite

Protection, Spirit Communication, Detoxification Ruby in Fuchsite enhances your connection with nature. It helps prevent aggressive people from entering your personal space. Ruby Fuchsite is a powerful combination for use in healing sessions. Has all the properties of Ruby and Fuchsite.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Aquarius 

Ruby in Kyanite

Divine Love, Nurturing, Balance

Kyanite does not hold negative energy and assists in cleansing other crys- tals. Ruby encourages the search of one's Bliss and lights the darkness within the spirit. Fuchsite is said to increase the healing properties and flow of energy from other healing crystals.

Chakra: Root, Throat, Heart Zodiac: Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, Gemini 

Rutilated Quartz

Manifestation, Creativity, Amplification

Excellent stone to manifest your dreams and desires through the power of intention. The golden rutiles within the stone help you cope with whatever ener- gy you are dealing with and seems to make life easier. Helps one to receive spiritual knowledge and guidance, to gain concentration and mental clarity. Also aids in anxiety, fears and phobias.

Chakras:Sacral,SolarPlexus Zodiac:Cancer,Leo 


Attraction, Healing Love, Protection

Sandalwood evokes a world of ancient mystery, sanctity and devotion. A per- fect complement in any meditation. Helps promote spiritual awareness and acceptance. Sandalwood compliments the Law of Attraction. Used by many for protection and grounding. Holds the Feminine power of Mother Earth and radiates the beauty and grace of Moon energy.

Suitable for ALL Astrological signs 


Prosperity, Wisdom, Communication

Sapphire releases unwanted thoughts and brings joy and peace of mind by opening your mind to beauty and intuition. It’s an amazing stone of prosperity, sustaining the gifts of life and alleviating frustration. Blue Sapphire assists in the healing of your entire body. It assists in communication, attentiveness, inspiration and psychic awareness.

Primary Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Crown Zodiac: Gemini 

Sea Shell ~ Shell

Attraction, Healing Love, Protection

Seashells connect us to the ocean and water energy. When in contact with seashells, we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity. This allows us to be able express our imagination and creativity. Seashells enable us to gain clarity and gain insight so that we might make better decisions and life choices. They support, guide and nudge us along our path to happiness and fulfillment.

Suitable for ALL Astrological signs 


Selenite is a stone of mental clarity, enhancing the minds flexibility, strengthening decision making, and helping to clear up mental confusion. Helps dissipate any feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, doubt, fear and negativity. Selenite also has the ability to clear and amplify other stones that are placed on or near it. Offers Divine protection and guidance.

Chakras: third eye, sacral Zodiac: Cancer 

Septarian Nodule / Dragon Stone

Personal Power, Release, Patience

Septarian is thought to promote patience and stimulate perception and personal power. It is believed to "dissolve" sadness or sorrow, self-pity, grief, and is thought to dispel critical tendencies and closed-mindedness. It will do this to the positive or the negative that you attune to the stone. Stimulates immune system. Excellent for stress and trauma.

Chakras:Root Zodiac:Gemini,Taurus 


Ascension, Divine Energy, Devine Connection Seraphinite can help you to contact Angel and your Guides and communicate with them. It enhances intuition and psychic awareness. It’s a purifying stone that helps you to find your higher purpose and will. Seraphinite is also extremely helpful for all forms of transformation and transmutation. Physically, Seraphinite is healing for nerves, brain cells, purification of the blood and organs and eliminating toxins, kidneys, and the liver.

Chakras:Heart,Crown, Astrologicalsigns:Sagittarius 


Creativity, Manifestation, Psychic Abilities

An excellent attraction and manifesting stone. Helps you to find inner peace while meditating & connecting with your guides. Aids in healing on all levels mental, emotional, and physical. Allows the wearer to feel more control in their life while awakening creativity.

Chakras: Heart Zodiac: Gemini 

Shiva Shell

Creativity, Self Expression, Wisdom

The Shiva Shell spiral symbolizes an energy force of power and strength. It looks beyond the obvious. It symbolizes creation and the constant change in the universe.

Chakras: All Zodiac: None specific 


Shielding, Grounding, Protective

Shungite eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on people and living beings. It acts to shield harmful EMFs of any origin. Shungite is believed to protect the human energy field and reduce stress, headache and insomnia. Just having a piece of Shungite on your person is said to be generally health boosting and protective from disease and negative energies.

Primary Chakras: Root (clears all chakras) Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer  



Manifestation/Attraction, Balance, Intuition

Silver draws out negative energies from your body. Silver is used extensively with gem stones because it is able to both attract and retain the qualities that are emitted by the stone, and provides a steadying influence for the crystal. It facilitates non-judgment, self-approval and permanence in relationships.

Primary Chakras: All Zodiac: Cancer, Aquarius 


New Beginnings, Balance, Love

It soothes your emotions and helps to nurture your inner child. It relieves stress and instills a sense of self-worth. It can help you to accept love, to give love and to love yourself. It helps you to achieve a sense of comfort and joy, eases fear of commitment in relationships, and balances your perspective. It eases panic attacks, promotes friendship and is good for nurturing babies. Smithsonite aids your immune system, digestive system, and skin eruptions.

Chakras: All As- trological sign: Virgo, Pisces 

Smokey Quartz

Removes Negativity, Grounding, Transformation

Smoky Quartz assists with grief, despair, depression and other fermenting negativity. It is a mild sedative with a relaxing effect and it helps you to explore your inner self, embracing dark areas with light and love, allowing healing and reconciliation to take place. It is also a good balancer of sexual energies and effectively releases bodily stress and strain related to emotional distress.

Chakras: Root, Solar Plexus Astrological signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

Snowflake Obsidian

Absorbs Negativity, Purity, Balance

Snowflake Obsidian balances body, mind and spirit. It helps one accept change and transformation in life. Teaches one “truths of oneself” in relation to ones ego. A reminder that there is always light within darkness. It is a stone of serenity and purity, and can shield against negativity

Primary Chakras: Root, Crown Zodiac: Scorpio 


Intuition, Focuses Energy, Guidance

Sodalite clears up mental confusion and re-establishes your inner peace. It strengthens the power of mind over body and bridges the gap between your thoughts and your feelings. It eliminates fear and guilt better than any other stone. It also fosters knowledge, logic, efficiency, communication and wisdom.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Astrological signs: Sagittarius 

Solar Quartz

Connection, Clarity, Communication

This quartz energy can enhance one's intuition and communication, calm one's nerves, and energize one's mental abilities. It is also said to help one's inner beauty to shine, and to attract wealth and success. It will bring calm to the aura, allowing for a flowing peaceful energy.

Primary Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Astrological signs: Gemini 


Universal Love, Insight, Manifestation

Sugilite aids with addictions and eating disorders. It is wonderful to wear when dealing with headaches, migraines or any pain issues. Allows one to understand the purpose for their existence and life lessons. It helps to promote self forgiveness and acceptance. A great piece to keep in your collection, as it will help the body to heal and repair itself.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye Zodiac: Virgo Sagittarius 


Radiance, Vitality, Self-Worth

Aligning to the Sunstone frequency will bring optimism, vitality and confidence. This is an excellent stone to help set high goals with fearless optimism. Helps one to trust in their abilities. Use to uplift spirits and bring the sun shine to any cloudy day. Helps to remove depression, lowered self worth and pessimism.

Chakras: Soul Star Zodiac: Leo 

Super 7

Awakening, Powerful, Clairity

This stone is a mixture of all of these seven crystals; Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Geothite, Lepidochrosite and Cocoxenite. Super 7 removes blocks that are holding you back from your life's purpose. It stimulates the soul to its divine brilliance as it is a catalyst for expansion and transformation. It brings you protection, aids in the release of negative emotions and past patterns, promotes purification of the soul allowing you to reach a  place of clarity, focus, creativity and positivity.


Spiritual Connection, Meditation, Awareness

Tanzanite provides protection while allowing for manifestation. It can be used to relieve depression and both dispel and transmute negativity. It provides a perfect balance between personal power and actualization. Tanzanite facilitates communication. It also explains the Universal mysteries.

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Higher Crown Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces 


Wisdom, Knowledge, Personal Power

Tektites help withstand mental or emotional "stumbling." Use them to diminish or overcome challenges with mental processes. Some are used for extraterrestrial communication, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. They can also strengthen one's energy field.

Chakras: Crown, 3rd eye Zodiac: All 

Tiger Eye, Golden (Brown)

Protection, Creativity, Balance

Tiger Eye is great for relieving scattered energy. It keeps you grounded, encourages optimism and lifts your mood! It’s great for balancing on all levels, encouraging you to open up to new experiences. It fosters confi- dence and prosperity, often in the form of money. It enhances integrity, willpower and practicality. Tiger Eye is also a very protective stone that is particularly grounding, especially during travel or activities.

Chakras: Sacral,SolarPlexus,ThirdEye Zodiac:Leo,Capricorn 

Titanium Quartz

Titanium will give insight, energy, excitement, compassion, and joy. Titanium Aura Quartz is a high-energy stone that will remove the blockages in your personal energy fields. Titanium Aura Quartz is a great crystal to have if you work in the psychic field because it will raise your vibrations.


Awareness, Creativity, Manifestation

Topaz is joyous, giving and serene. It is a stone of true love and success in all endeavors! It can promote individuality and creativity while providing for confi- dence in trusting your decisions. It acts to replace negativity with joy and joyfulness. White Topaz assists you with releasing any fear. It helps with detoxification and increasing your metabolism.Topaz gives abundance, inspiration and awakening.

Chakras: Varies by Color Zodiac: Sagittarius, Virgo 

Tourmalinated Quartz

Grounding, Protection, Removes/Transmutes Negativity Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful, high energy stone used to increase your personal power. It can transmute any negativity into positive energy for the wearer. Tourmalinated Quartz aids to balance yin/yang energies and release negative patterns

Chakras: Root, Cleanses All Zodiac: Libra, Scorpio 


A fossilized sea creature. Bestows leadership, management skills, patience, perseverance and courage in adversity, choosing the best path for the desired results. Trilobites are used for help in healing with the eyes and headaches. They are also used in help with lead- ership and management roles.

Chakras:None Zodiac:None 


Communication, Release, Healing

Turquoise is perfect to use when you are feeling out of balance as it realigns and revitalizes your cellular structure. It brings you peace of mind and allows you to perceive information psychically. Use it to in- crease your creativity and speak your truth without fear!

Chakras: Throat, Third Eye Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces 

Unakite Jasper

Love, Compassion, Kindness

Unakite is healing for the heart and mind. A stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body while lifting spirits when one is down. Assists with better sleep & relieving stress. Promotes patience and persistence, & gradually eliminates bad habits. Perfect for children’s sensitive emotions, excellent for helping bounce back from sorrow, grief or disappointment.

Primary Chakras: 3rd Eye Astrological signs: Taurus 


Uplifting, Connection, Beauty

Usolite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down. Wear this gemstone to see the beauty in all life has to bring. A wonderful tool to uncover deception. Excellent to ward off negative energies and connect you to your inner child.

Chakras: Heart, Third Eye Zodiac: Aquarius, Libra 


Success, Clarity, Healing

Vivianite emanates the energy of love helping one to heal deep emotional wounds. It helps increase self-esteem, confidence and combats issues of inferior- ity, anxiety and frustration. Vivianite instils a sense of deep peace It provides insight into the true nature of obstacles to achieving ones goals and obtaining success in all endeavors.

Chakras: 3rd eye, Crown Zodiac: Aquarius 

Watermelon Tourmaline

Balance, Release, Love on All Levels

Watermelon Tourmaline is a core of Pink Tourmaline encased in a shell of Green Tourmaline. It exhibits the properties of both varieties, plus: Watermelon Tourmaline is a ‘super activator’ of your Heart Chakra. It encourages you to transcend the seriousness of a situation and to find the humor and benefit in it. It is a stone of pure joy and pure love.

Chakras:Heart Zodiac:Gemini,Virgo 


Yellow Aventurine

Intellect, Self Confidence, Personal Power

The helpful energies of this stone aid those who have problems with power & control. It helps focus intentions for manifesting a sense of ease in being yourself. The golden light fills one with compassion and understanding, alleviating grief and centering the emotions.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius 

Yellow Calcite

Intellect, Self Confidence, Personal Power

Helps organize intellectual thoughts and information. It increases one's personal power, hope, and sense of self-worth. Can infuse one with a sense of new hope and optimism to face the future.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius 

Yellow Fluorite

Creativity, Unity, Intellect

Yellow Fluorite increases understanding, logic & intellectual abil- ity, while boosting one’s imagination and resourcefulness. Eases mental trauma and brings positivity to the mind. Excellent for group energy, bringing a cooperative spirit and the willingness to work together for a common good.

Chakras: Sacral Zodiac: Leo 

Yellow Jasper

Awareness, Intuition, Healing

It is a stone of endurance, perseverance and tenacity, and shields against others’ negativity. Worn for long periods of time, it eases chronic worries and builds self-confidence, attracting others for friendship or to help with a goal. It supports steady learning, and transmits healing and empowering Earth energies, especially when meditating outdoors.

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio 

Yellow Obsidian

Uplifting, Builds, Self Esteem

This is a man made stone. Yellow obsidian is helpful for the protection of children, particularly gentle children from bullies. It helps with improvement of self-esteem when needed. Helps one stay motivated.

Chakras: Solar Plexus Zodiac: Pisces, Sagittarius 


Relationships, Wisdom, Calming

Zircon may bring out the best in you. A stone with inherent calming effects, works wonders for insomnia, vertigo, self esteem & depression. A highly spiritual grounding stone that will open your higher chakras while grounding your lower chakras. Known as a stone of balance, including physical, emotional & spiritual. Helps you to love yourself and others.

Chakras: Root, Crown Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius