Cleansing and charging your Crystals

Recommended to clear your crystals every 30 days or whenever you feel removal of negative energy is needed. Here are some tips on how to keep your crystal’s energy flowing. My favorites are palo santo and intention I personally only cleanse quartz crystals in water as for charging my favorites are full moon energy and white light. 

As far as wire wrapped  jewelry I use a jewelry cleaning  cloth.


  • Smoke - Light Palo Santo, Sage, incense, turn off the fire and hold crystals about 6 inches away and let smoke surround your crystal for about 30 seconds  
  • Intention spray - for smokeless sage or palo santo spray crystals about 6in away (energy clearing is my FAV)
  • Moonlight & Sunlight - Place crystals on window or outside wherever the sun or moon hits them leave out for at least 5 hours.
  • Visualization - Hold crystal in hand and visualize a white light surrounding your crystal and clearing off all negative energy. (Love this one)
  • Water - Let cold water run through crystal ( not all crystals like water )
  • Salt - Put salt in a bowl and leave crystal in salt for about 24 hours  throw salt out when done. (Make sure crystals are dry before putting in salt)
  • Sound - Singing bowls, bells... pretty much any sound with a vibraton.
  • Selenite - Place crystals on top of selenite wand or plate for at least 5 hours
  • Earth - Gather dirt in bowl and burry crystals. (I wouldn’t burry Jewelry) 


Selenite, moonlight, sunlight and visualization (same as cleansing)

Crystals that shouldn’t be wet 

malachite, labradorite, amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite, azurite, selenite pyrite, hematite (most stones that end in “ite” when in doubt got with the moon or visualization 

Crystals that don’t like sunlight 

Ametrine, Aventurine, Apatite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Calcite, Celestite, Chrysoprase, Kunzite, Sapphire, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, and Smokey Quartz 

(Some crystals will fade with sunlight)

If you are doubting your form of cleansing don’t do it. Some methods can damage certain crystals. You can always check good ol  google or go with the moon!